Empathy based search engine marketing

March 28, 2017 - Ed

Empathy based search engine marketing

February 28, 2017 - Ed Wieczorek

Engage your users better, and understand their needs

In-house digital marketers sometimes sway ideas according to the bias of owners and product creators. "This sounds great! We have what we think our target market is." Incorrect assumptions will happen often and your product manager can be "married" away to an idea. In my experience, visual design and improvements of content when solely conveyed from the owners of a product can cause problems. Misunderstandings of what the user wants from the product or service will occur. In the end, we all want continued growth, satisfied customers, and sales. That's why we need to put our customers first. Even when it pertains to search.

How do you grow your audience organically!?

Growth in organic search results intertwines with the empathy we have for users. Deliver killer content that your customers want to consume and dissolve high bounce rates that destroy rankings and provide zero assistance. Identify and repair these problems.

  • Technical Problems? Review your landing pages.
  • Don't forget to browse on a phone and tablet.
  • Does your content serve a purpose? (No I'm not talking about providing keywords to google)
  • Is the content digestible? Have it proofread to find out.
  • How is the visual appearance? disgusting? confusing?

Lowering your bounce rate may seem like a common sense measure, but it isn’t always everyone’s first metric to fix. Phones can be the underlying contributor to your high bounce rates. Be sure to check out the search friendliness tool on Google.

Other important factors to look over

  • Is your site mobile friendly? (check the link above)
  • Can users navigate your site easily? (no matter what device)
  • What are your page load timings?

Let's pick up that pace!

Visual appearance and mobile friendliness help in this instance but my personal favorite metrics are related site performance. The speed at which your site downloads contributes heavily to bounce rate. Not all connections, service providers, and hardware are created equal.

Some of the old outdated WordPress sites I've optimized were posting 6s - 8s load times. I don’t know about you but I do not wait for 5s pages to load when I'm on the go on my phone. I quickly will go back to the search engine and move on…chalk one up for a bounce. I commonly use page speed insights in order to get a good grip on speed related issues.

Use empathy to 10x your returns

Put yourself in your user's shoes and try to purchase your product starting from the search engine and see how hard it is to complete. Use your imagination and pretend like you’ve never even read the copy on your SERP and view the components and see how helpful they are in the instance that you need to acquire this product. That can be a huge help when identifying CTR on your SERPs. Does the content match what your end goal was? Did you search for ATVs and end up in a line of motorcycles? Unless those motorbikes changes the customer's mind from buying an ATV to a motorcycle you have a bounce on your hands.

Empathy is a critical tool that anyone can use to build success with their online endeavors.