My Experience with Nootrobox

May 24, 2017 - Ed

My Experience with Nootrobox

May 24, 2017 - Ed Wieczorek

Productivity, Intermittent Fasting and Keto Oh My!

In case you end up reading this and don't know what a Nootropic is. As defined by Nootrobox it is:

"Nootropics are a broad classification of cognition-enhancing compounds that product minimal side effects and are suitable for long term use. "

I went all in and did it. I ordered the full stack. Not to be confused with the front-end and back-end of an application. The Full Stack is a nootropic stack that comes with four separate supplements. The early morning supplement aptly named "Rise." Sprint is the next supplement which just like its name provides a nice boost of energy at any point throughout the day. Yawn is your night-cap supplement which hits you with a full night of z's and finally KADO-3 which is a supercharged for of OMEGA-3's.

One of the selling points for me was how dedicated to the mission the Nootrobox team is. They lab test all of their supplements and provide loads of content to the community. Nootrobox is also extremely active in responding and providing answers to their users. Here's an example of the test sheet from KADO-3

When it comes to our offerings, we take the same mentality. Nootrobox researches, develops, and manufactures nootropics with state of the art manufacturing techniques and 100% FDA generally regarded as safe (GRAS) components. This guarantees nootropics that are effective, precise, and safe.

When I first received the Nootrobox, I was pleased by the packaging. Excellent box and aesthetically pleasing bottles that stand out and make you want to keep your vitamins on the counter (even though (wife|significant other|mom|dad) probably won't like that).

To preface, I am 8 days into the ketogenic diet at this point and feeling pretty rock solid. So I don't know what the side-effects were specifically from.

Day 1

Woo Hoo, I'm Pumped!

I woke up around 530am and ate breakfast with the first dose of Rise and KADO-3. I did my workout normally and headed off to work. On my commute, I began to notice a bit of a warmer focused feeling. The warmth, in turn, made it exciting to get to work and get going on it.

Once I made it into work, I flew through my morning routine. I filled out my productivity planner and started on my first pom (pomodoro technique) of the day. How quickly I forgot what I was doing was insane. I went into a flow state for the entire pom wishing that my watch timer hadn't stopped me. Maybe this was due to the first dose, but I'm still unsure.

My first-day experience felt great. The morning was booming and then the 2 pm afternoon drag hit me.

Take a Sprint!

I employed two of the Sprint capsules to take the edge off. Sprint capsules do what they are supposed to do. I noticed a nice pick me up that lasted probably around 3 hours.

I also bought a box of the Go Cubes. MAN THOSE THINGS ARE GOOD! I'll have to write about them at another point. I hadn't tried them until a few weeks later ( I was still on 0 sugar at this time )

You don't take Yawn each and every night, but I decided that I would take it the first day. It does seem that the supplement helped me wake a little easier the next morning.

Fast Forward Seven Days...

Day 7 - My First 36 hour Fast

Now that I've continually taken the Nootrobox stack for a week I can tell that it does help my overall focus and the 2 pm lulls seem to be disappearing. Going into the fast, I was a bit concerned about my stomach. I have not handled vitamins and supplements well on an empty stomach at all. In fact, I've had moments when I thought my stomach was on fire because of an empty stomach paired with a Vitamin C. The Team at Nootrobox is all about fasting and many people in the community have talked about the stack on an empty stomach, so I decided to give it a shot. I, just like the other people of the community experienced no sickness throughout my fasting period. I only consumed water, and the full stack during the 36 hours. 2 pm, 18 hours into the fast was the high point for me. I felt a surge of energy and entered into flow state for a few hours to knock out several programming tasks I had on my plate.

Overview: 30 days

Overall I would recommend anyone try out the full stack. I do have to admit I found the price point a bit high for my cost-of-living but I enjoyed the experience. I'm sure I will be buying a Nootrobox Full Stack again in the future. I feel that it did enhance my cognitive ability as well as make me feel excellent in the process. Also, I have to thank them for introducing me into intermittent fasting. I am now doing warrior fasts often and will try to pull out the 36 hour fast again soon.

Check out their products here: Nootrobox Full Stack

Also, their biohacker guide is excellent: Nootrobox Biohacker Guide

You can find the community here on reddit: /r/nootrobox

They also have a podcast that is pretty rockin': The Thinking Podcast

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